MOOve Over Goats! There’s a BETTER Milk Soap in Towns!    

Welcome, to Jersey Bubbles Soap Company!! Our original “made from scratch” recipes are always mild silky creamy and good for your skin!  Milk, Yogurt , Hemp & Beer soaps made in small batches by hand using fresh full fat raw milk and products derived from our grass fed Jersey cow milk to create luxurious Udderly Awesome soaps. Simplicity and Quality you can count on.

Jersey Bubbles soaps should be used for all your washing & shaving needs.  Our soaps will leave your skin clean and moisturized, naturally!  Jersey Bubbles soaps naturally shrink pores, reduce blackheads, breakouts, are great for psoriasis and other skin conditions.  All Jersey Bubbles soaps are very mild and gentle, making them perfect for the whole family, even the bebés.
*please do remember that real soap can burn the eyes therefore you should shut them tight and rinse well before opening them back up ☺︎

You can find our products at Southern Bliss Homegrown Creations in Ottawa Kansas or shop our online store!

Our principles, they are simple:

  • when creating our soaps, we use the local blessings mother nature has given us
  • we are proud to use natural, local, off the farm ingredients to create our luxurious Udderly Awesome soap
  • we are proud of our waste not want not practices, are privileged to support our local farmers and to offer you a quality product made of quality ingredients

Remember, it’s all that cream that puts Jersey Bubbles in a class all its own when shopping milk soaps!